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KWIQ is the best platform to sell your Crypto at breathtaking rates and incredible transaction speed. Within a few minutes, your trade is completed and your account credited. Earn amazing bonuses when you trade with us.

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Here are a few reasons why KWIQ users are the happiest traders

Personalised Wallets

KWIQ provides all its users with a personalized wallet for different Crypto coins ​

Zero Fees

Ever experienced trading with zero fees attached? We’ve got you! Trade any amount of coin for free on KWIQ.

Unbeatable Rates

KWIQ offers you the best and unbeatable rates in the market. Get only the best rates from us, no matter the economy.

Secure and Automated Trades

Trust is a big word for us, that is why our automated state-of-the-art trading and payment systems have a world class level of security and leaves no room for human errors or payment delays. After trading your crypto for cash, your Naira wallet is credited instantly. Never worry about getting ripped on KWIQ. 

24/7 customer support

At KWIQ we live up to our name, and it is our mission to make life easier for you. We offer quick and and reliable customer support to all our end-users. All our customer service representatives are well trained and ready to serve you with helpful information, answer questions and respond to complaints round the clock.

Earn passive income on Kwiq

You know the term scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours? It very well applies to us. KWIQ offers its users a way to earn money on the go by just trading or referring a friend. Users get a bonus off every referral they make using their referral code. Not only that; there is a bonus meter that measures trade amounts. Every user gets a bonus everytime their meter gets up to $1000. 

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Tega. I

Tega. I

Playstore Review

I’m very happy with the way the customer service lady helped me with my issue. KWIQ is the best place to trade in Nigeria, they always come through for me.

Olumide. T

Olumide. T

App Store Review

I had been looking for where to sell BNB, and a friend referred me to KWIQ. I had the coins for about a month and I traded so easily. Now I do free PR for them cos they deserve it.

Danjuma. M

Danjuma. M

Playstore Review

I checked my balance and I saw that I got a bonus, that’s why I’m dropping this review. Keep up the good work guys.

Emeka. O

Emeka. O

App Store Review

Since I started trading on KWIQ, I haven’t used another exchange. I’m proud to say I’m their most loyal customer. Thanks for the bonuses and efficiency. Nice work 👍🏾

Are you ready to sell your crypto for instant cash?

Download our Kwiq App

Are you ready to sell your crypto for instant cash?

Download our Kwiq App

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Frequently asked questions

How do I trade crypto on KWIQ?

Basically, trading with us is sending crypto to your wallet address and waiting for it to confirm on the crypto network.

To start, you need a crypto wallet address for the trade. To generate your wallet, click on the respective crypto options for the coin you want to trade, the wallet address will be displayed to you.

Based on the selected crypto, rates for the trade are displayed on the same page as your wallet.

Copy your wallet address to trade. Note that any coin sent to your address will be instantly converted to naira and added to your naira wallet.

The naira value of your total trades will be added to your balance which will be available for immediate withdrawal.

You can proceed to withdraw into your Nigerian bank account.

How long does a transaction take?

Time varies for all transactions. It depends on the particular crypto or gift card transaction you want to make. For instance, hash rate or network fee can affect the flow of the transaction. The average crypto transaction time is 10 mins – 1 hour depending on the network fee used.

Can I use one wallet address for different crypto?

No, this is not possible, as every crypto has its specific wallet. Always verify the wallet address before transacting.

How can I copy my wallet address?

You have a unique wallet for different coins when you sign up on KWIQ. For instance, when you want to trade bitcoin, go to the trade crypto icon, then click on bitcoin, your QR code and wallet address will come up. Click on copy to copy to clip board and start trading.

Can my wallet address change?

No. The first wallet address generated is your only wallet address. It doesn’t change, its permanent.

Can I receive crypto from any country?

You can receive crypto from any country, as longs you’ve access to KWIQ app, or got to our website, sign in and start trading.

How do I create my KWIQ wallet address?

You get a personalized wallet address with unique QR code When you sign up on KWIQ. All you have to do is copy and paste.

How do I receive crypto on KWIQ?

Copy and send your wallet address to whoever you want to receive crypto from. The funds will be directed straight to your wallet and converted to the Naira.

How fast is payment?

Our payments are automated, so you will get credited immediately your trade is confirmed.

Is there a transaction limit on KWIQ?

No there are no transaction limits. You can trade your largest numbers with us. Bring all coins to us. We’ve got you!

Can I store crypto in my KWIQ wallet?

No. We operate strictly on helping you sell your crypto and gift cards for the Naira equivalent with the best market rates.

What happens if I send crypto to the wrong address?

When this happens, the crypto sent is lost and cannot be retrieved. We advise to always copy and paste wallet addresses when undergoing a transaction. Also, crosscheck that you’re sending to the recipients correct wallet address.

How safe is trading bitcoin on KWIQ?

We use the industry standard best practices to ensure the safety of your funds. Our security is top-notch and your account is secured.

How does KWIQ work?

KWIQ is a trading platform that allows crypto traders to sell or share their coins or gift card. You can download the app, or use the web. The signup process is super easy; all you have to do is enter your email, set a strong password, accept our terms and conditions, and viola!! You start trading in minutes.


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